Services on offer

Industrial printers are getting better and more user‐friendly by the day, thanks to technological advancements that herald exciting changes, resulting in enhanced overall functioning of these printers. Our team of professionals is ever standing by, to help you understand new features, take you through printer setup and, to promptly provide support in addressing any of your queries regarding these printers and their functions.

Services on offer

Onsite Service

Our field technicians ‐ well‐trained and certified professionals with in‐depth industry exposure ‐ visit your site to help you tackle and solve technical problems related to the printer. The result? Least impact on the productivity of the printer by way of quick turnaround, with virtually zero downtime.

  • Timely visits ensure smooth running of production lines and zero loss in productivity
  • All technicians are certified professionals with in‐depth knowledge of the machines
  • Our team aims at providing exceptional customer service, every single time, ensuring quick turnaround that results in customer delight

Technical Support

At times, you might just have a simple doubt regarding your printer… something that does not require a technician visit. For such instances, our technical support team ‐ available round the clock ‐ provides you with effective assistance over phone, for your printers. Be it a small query on a feature or, detailed information on the functions, this team handles them all with professional ease.

  • 24x7 support for all products
  • Trained professionals,who can expertly handle such situations, will be attending to your calls. Their complete understanding of the problem through precise trouble‐shooting results in the right solutions always to your advantage

Technical training

Having purchased the printer of your choice, it is imperative that your team be adequately trained in the ways and methods of the printer’s functional procedures. And, to fulfil this requisite, we have a team of professionals who will undertake to train your team in order to understand the equipment’s functional parameters and, the procedures to operate it. Furthermore, this training will enable you to deploy the necessary software programmes/applications that run in tandem with the printer so that you, as our valuable customer, may derive maximum benefit from our product and support. At the same time, your employees on the production line evolve in knowledge and understanding of our products and their functionalities to be better equipped in their effort to move towards zero defect.


  • All technical trainings are conducted by certified professional trainers
  • Flexible timings for training to suit your production schedule or the availability of your employees
  • The use of software programs and applications will also be covered as a part of the training.

Carton Testing

Do you swear by the adage ‘Seeing is Believing’? We understand your concerns and we know why it is important that you ask for carton testing before you actually buy the product. We provide carton testing services to all industries to ensure that you get exactly what you want. You can do a check on factors such as quality, clarity, and longevity of the prints on the cartons. You can request carton testing by calling us on 044 2441 3020 or emailing us at [email protected]