By Industry

ONE‐STOP SOLUTIONS ‐ from an ‘industry’ perspective

USP looks at the broad requirement of packaging solutions for the industry by customising every one of its specific requirements ‐ however varied they may be ‐ with performance efficiency and cost‐effectiveness as foremost priorities.

As solutions offered by us are need‐based, customization is key to success, since one’s need will be vastly different from that of the other like, for instance, some companies stress the need for quality print; some others target a printer that will work on a specific substrate. There is, then, a load of in‐situ challenges ‐ unceasing production, adaptability to varied working conditions and, differences in packaging requirements.


printing/coding bread bags, bread closures, flow packs, cartons, cases and, other such bags and pouches


coding on flow wrappers, paperboard boxes, bags, pouches, cases, cartons and speciality bags for candies and confectionery


corrugated cases, shrink and stretch wrap, glass bottles, paperboard cartons, cups and sleeves, rigid plastic trays and tubs, bags and pouches, metal cans and the like

Vegetables & Fruits

Vegetables and Fruits ‐ bags and pouches, tins, paperboard cartons, plastic trays and glass bottles


packaging solutions for dairy products require extra attention, as these perishable products must stay clean to avoid contamination. We provide exceptional coding solutions which extend to rigid plastic bottles, plastic bags and pouches, glass jars and bottles, metal cans, and paperboard cartons and cases.

Meat and Poultry

food industries must stringently comply with safety regulations stipulated for food products. Since meat and poultry products have a shorter shelf‐life and require proper coding, we ensure that you get the right printing solution for your business. Our printers can be used for printing on trays, chub packs, vacuum or shrink film, bags and pouches, cans, jars and cases.

Animal Feed

printing on plastic bags or pouches, jars, bottles, and metal cans can be done using our printing solutions.


coding on glass/plastic bottles, aluminum cans, pouches, lids, caps, paperboard cartons, labels, shrink wraps and boxes

Our packaging solutions for this segment include coding and marking of the following products:

Automotive and Aerospace Products
Building Materials
Wires, Cables, Pipes
Electrical Components
Exteriors & Interiors

The pharmaceutical industry has its very own set of requirements when it comes to packaging. And, for this, we provide viable solutions for coding and marking such products. These include printing on blister packs, rigid plastic containers, vials and ampules, flexible plastic and paper, glass bottles and jars, speciality containers, metal aerosol cans, cases and folding cartons.

Tobacco producers can also leverage our printing solutions to print on soft and hard packs, cartons, pouches and cases.